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Summer Custom Made Products Promotion

Custom Made Summer Products have enormous appeal and are very versatile when it comes to fitting in well with most campaigns or customer reward programs.

These products popularity are part of the reason that they are seen throughout the summer months on our beaches and parks and even at our sporting events. However, it is often challenging to source local products that happen to be the the correct corporate colours for specific campaigns so this is where our custom made service can be a perfect solution.

Our Summer Custom Made Products can be partially customised off-shore and delivered in 4-6 weeks. They are not fully custom made however, think of it like Paint by Numbers...we will give you a colour palette and let you know what sections of the product you can pick the colour for.

There are a lot of benefits of Custom Made Products like larger branding areas, more customisation options and cost savings. These products are ideal as Christmas Gifts for your clients so why not organise them early before the busy Christmas period begins.

To learn more about the benefits check out our Article on Custom Made Products vs. Stock Products.

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