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Egrip Phone Grip


Product Description


  • The backing card tells your marketing story

  • The egrips® phone grip constantly exposes your brand

The egrips® phone grip promotional product consists of the peel-off egrips® phone grip fixed onto a printed backing card.

The backing card and egrips® phone grip work together as a powerful double impact marketing tool:

  • The backing card tells your marketing story

  • The egrips® phone grip constantly reinforces your brand - every time the phone is used - all day, every day, 365 days per year


The non-slip phone grip

The egrips® phone grip has a standard size approximately 27mm wide x 51 mm high.

The egrips® phone grip is printed with your artwork.  Printing is done on an HP Indigo digital press in CMYK colors.  The printed label is overlaminated with the proprietary egrips® technology silicone elastomer before the grips are cut out and finished.

The egrips® phone grips are attached to the backing card on a plastic liner that allows the grip to be easily peeled off by your customer and applied to the back of their phone.  The grip comes with a protective peel-off over-film that keeps it in perfect condition and prevents the applique from gripping to other cards.

The Backing Card

The egrips phone grips are always supplied on a backing card.

The cards can be supplied with a magnet or even better, a double-sided tape on the back so that your customer can stick it onto their kitchen cupboard, fridge door or wall.  Cards tell your marketing story and typically carry product information, contact details, timetables, calendars, etc.  The phone grip stays on your customer's phone 24/7 and the card stays on your customer's kitchen cupboard 24/7.

Standard Card.  The standard promotional card is approxiately 165 mm x 89 mm.  On the front is your artwork.  On the back is either our standard artwork consisting of instructions for putting on and using the phone grip or your own artwork in either black and white or full CMYK colour.

Non-standard Cards.  Non standard cards can be also be produced to your specifications.  For example, one popular card format is a double size card with a perforation and bottom tear-off mail-back section for collecting customer data.   Another popular format is the card inside a crystal clear envelope.  Other formats include business cards and folded greeting cards.  Please enquire if you need a special card format.

Pre-Printed Cards.  Three styles of pre-printed cards are available with standard artwork front and back.  Only the phone grip has your unique artwork.  The pre-printed cards are approximately 95 mm x 140 mm.  The BLANK CARD is available in any size including business card size.

Direct Mail Cards.  A convenient solution for direct mail is addressable cards with the grip protected underneath a transparent film.  These cards can go through post office sorting machines.   We can also print your names and addesses on the cards from an Excel spreadsheet.

Product Details

Product Code: EG-Egrip

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