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Green & Clean

Calico Bags, Environmentally Friendly Bags, Shopping BagsThe Green & Clean category contains a great range of Environmentally-friendly promotional products including Clothing, Recycled Paper, Shopping Bags, Technology and Toys. The environment is an area we all care about so if small companies, medium and large companies do their bit by minimising their carbon footprint then the future will benefit. Many companies conscioulsy work on their image so selecting Branded Environmentally Friendly Promotional Items is in keeping with their brand and reputation.

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Below in the green box is our Promotional Products filtering tool. Select on the characteristics that you want to include in your search and it will take you to the available Promotional Products that fit your description. For this category you can also filter products on the following Environmental characteristics: Renewable, Organic, Recyclable, Recycled and Water-Saving.

Sub-categories of Green & Clean:

  • green-backpacks-satchels
  • green-clothing-and-caps
  • green-conference-bags
  • green-organic-food
  • green-shopping-bags
  • green-technology
  • green-toys
  • plants-seeds
  • recycled-paper-products
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