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Golf BallsThe Golf category contains a great range of promotional products including Awards & Trophies, Golf Apparel, Golf Balls & Packs and products for On the Course. Corporate Golf Days can be the highlight of a company' or organisation's year. Depending on the aim of the Corporate Golf day various may be in place. In the case of a Charity rasing funds for the needy is the main goal for the event.

A Charity Golf Day can be organised with fun challenges set to encourage a good time is had by all. Games such as playing with the left hand is a popular game which usually encourages a good time. Playing golf almost becomes secondary at such events. Small prizes such as Branded Caps, Branded Golf Packs and Branded Golf Umbrellas can be incentives to motivate participants to do their best. The benefit of Branded Golf Items is that Sponsors Logos can be included and acknowledged on the day for their contributions to the Charity. Due to the popularity of Golf Items there are many categories to be considered such as Custom Golf Bags and Standard Golf Bags for the Golf Pro, Golf Apparel so everyone looks their best on the course, Golf Balls & Packs so everyone has everything they need, Branded Golf Clubs, Branded Golf Tees and Branded Golf Towels.

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