The Power of Brand Name

The Power Of Brand Name

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The Power of a Brand Name

When developing a brand name, there are certain factors that must be considered in order to ensure an effective brand name is created.

A brand name can:

• Affect the speed of consumer awareness of your brand

• Influence the image of your brand

• Play a major role in providing brand-equity information, and what your brand represents

So I guess your wondering, what is it exactly that constitutes a good brand name?

It should:

• Distinguish your brand from your competitors

• Describe your brand attributes and characteristics

• Be compatible with your brand's desired image and with its product design or packaging

• Be memorable and easy to pronounce and spell

So how can you ensure that your brand follows these guidelines? By following a 5-step brand naming process ofcourse!

Step 1: Specify your objectives for the brand name

Step 2: Create a list of possible brand names

Step 3: Evaluate the list of brand names (identify positives, negatives, advantages, disadvantages of each name)

Step 4: Choose your brand name

Step 5: Register trademark. (In Australia , all trade mark registration is done through an organisation called IP Australia)

We hope this guide has been helpful for you, in helping to establish your brand name, and look forward to seeing it imprinted on your promotional products!

(Courtesy of JEM Promotional Products ©2007)


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