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Pad Printing - Product Decoration Guide

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Product Decoration Guide: Pad Printing

Pad Printing

  • Pad printing is for almost all types of non-porous surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, glass, stress toys and ceramics.
  • Suitable for spot colour; commonly machines are capable or up to 4 colours but 5 and 6 colour machines are available. Process colour is possible with a 4 colour machine (CMYK) if the product is white and 5 colours (CMYK + white underlay) on a coloured product.
  • Pad Printing can reproduce all tones, or more correctly, screens at extremely fine resolution.
  • The biggest concern that faces the pad printer is the selection of the correct ink for the material the item is made of.
  • Repeat set ups require similar labour and materials as initial set ups, but without film and plate production, and are charged accordingly.
  • Virtually any surface can be pad printed, in spot or process colour with all types of designs. Very fine screen rulings and accurate reproduction of fine details are possible, text can be reproduced so small that a magnifying glass is required to read it.
  • Pad printing requires air drying. This can be overnight, or longer.
  • Minimal or nil rejects.
  • Ideally, vector are should be used, from which the production of film and a plate are produced.



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