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Promotional Products Newsletter exampleWe at JEM Promotional Products have over the years committed a lot oftime and effort into the Promotional Products industry by not, justbeing members of Australasia Promotional Products Association (APPA)and Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) but alsoindependently seeking the best systems and processes that ensure ourclients benefit from our expertise in the promotional products field.

Westrive to be leaders and innovators and to always look for better waysto manage our clients promotional products campaigns. We do this byworking closely with them, ensuring that shared goals are identifiedand met. We are not content to have clients order just the once but tosee us as partners in their campaigns and events throughout the year.

Asan added service we aim to provide tools that keep our clients as up todate as possible with innovations in our industry. Our Newsletter isone such tool that we believe is very useful to any marketing person oranyone for that matter who has to at some point consider the purchaseand integration of promotional products into their marketing campaign.

Wegather information not just from APPA and PPAI but many other reliablesources for our Newsletter. We believe this ensures that our Newsletteris worthy of your valuable time and we urge that you take a moment andcatch up with some of the latest developments in our industry. We thinkyou will find it very useful and may assist you when you next have totackle proposals to management and justifications of yourrecommendations when purchasing promotional products.

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