JEM Promotional Products November Newsletter 2008

Jem Promotional Products November Newsletter 2008

Countdown to Christmas
JEMPP Newsletter
12 November, 2008
Dear Elyse,

With just about six week's left before Christmas many of you will be on countdown mode. I can safely say we all are, here at JEM. One of the most important tasks is acknowledging those important clients whose loyalty must be rewarded in some way at this time of the year, possibly with a thoughtful gift. With that in mind, this year we put together what we think are some of the greatest promotions we ever have, that cater for just about any need. There is bound to be something suitable in one of our promotions, so please take the time to have a look. There is still enough time to make sure we don't forget anyone during the festive season!
We have continued to do lots of research and gathered what we think are great marketing tools, in the form of articles and guides, so please take some time to review them in our articles page of our website.

The team at JEM Promotional Products

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Featured Article
Promotional Products are a Key Ingredient in Integrated Marketing
A recent study conducted by Promotional Products Association International showed that by adding a promotional product to the media marketing mix of Television, Radio and Print Media; its created a "favourable attitude" to the advertisement ( up to 44%).

In some cases where a promotional product was used on its own, there was an increase of up to 69% in "brand interest" and 84% in "good impression" of the brand.

To read the rest of this article, follow this link to our articles page.
Custom Made Promotional Products
Custom Made Products

Did you know that JEM Promotional Products can make any product you want customised to your specifications.

Even though most of Australia will be at a virtual stand still business wise during the Christmas break, most of our overseas suppliers will be working at full capacity. It is the ideal situation when you think about it because while we are all hopefully laying back taking in the sun and surf your custom order will be going through the processes and be delivered on time as soon as you re-open in January. If you have thought about looking into how Custom Orders work then now is the perfect time. Not only will your order be ready early in 2009, for your important event, but you will see the benefits from the customisation point of view, as well as much reduced costs. You will be surprised how easy it all really is!

To find out more about having your promotional products custom made you can read about it further on our website.
Our Blog
Our Create Your Image Blog showcases new promotional products, promotional marketing tips, promotional industry news, promotional merchandise campaigns from all over the World, and will keep you up to date with the latest JEM promotional Products news.

Follow this link to check out our Blog.
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