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Jem Promotional Products July Newsletter 2010

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JEMPP Newsletter
7th of July, 2010
Hi Elyse,

Winter has really set in here in Sydney so winter jackets and coats are certainly being put to good use as we experience some of the coldest days on record. View our Jackets & Jumpers online.

It may seem odd to talk about Christmas at this time of year but if you are considering producing a Custom Made product which has a lead-time of 8 to 12 weeks then this is when you need to start planning. There are many benefits associated with creating a custom made product, these include the potential to completely customise the product to your specification as well as achieving economies of scale.

Our July Special Offer is a Cooler Bag that is a very versatile product. The pocket on the front makes it great bag for food or product sampling. The large print area can really showcase your logo and artwork so your company will benefit from lots of exposure within your target area. The greatest benefit is that this type of promotional product is used again and again so your logo or marketing message will experience enormous longevity so the benefits are countless from a marketer's point of view.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are considering custom made products to be used as a Christmas Gifts or any of the other products featured in this month's newsletter.

Keep warm!


The Team at JEM Promotional Products

Ph: 02 8205 1334
Beat the Cold and Order Some Winter Jackets Now!
Winter Jackets
  • Outer: 50% Wool 35% Polyester 15% Viscose
  • Inner: 97% Polyester 3% Elastane - satin feel lining
  • Medium weight tailored jacket, fully lined
  • 2-way front zip
  • 2 front vertical zippered pockets
  • Zipper access for embroidery

Is your team feeling the cold? There is still plenty of time to get good wear out of warm Winter Jackets so contact our sales consultants for the various options available for your industry.
Comparison of Stock Products vs Custom Made Products
Why customise merchandise overseas?
  • Stand out from your competition - with customising you create merchandise unique to your organisation.
  • Save money - by manufacturing a custom order in overseas based factories you will achieve economies of scale, low production costs and avoid warehousing overheads
What can you customise?

Almost anything. From a polo shirt in your corporate colours decorated in a dynamic way - to a backpack with custom zippers and pockets. From a stress item shaped like your mascot - to a custom shaped 3D key ring to multiple custom items and print material packaged in a blister pack. If it can be manufactured, we can customise it for you. JEM have a network of contacts able to communicate in the local language with literally hundreds of factories in China, the US and the developing world.
Custom Made Cap
Popular Categories include:

We also sort our custom products into 3 product categories that you can browse through:

Australian Custom Made: Products that are fullycustom made from scratch in Australia

One example we have of this is with Legend Express. Legend Express is a service that allows you to pick from over 150 styles of caps and then customise the cap to the colours you want from the extensive colour range available. The best features of this service is that you only need a minimum order quantity of 100 and you will receive your goods in approximately 3 weeks from digital photo approval. Think of it as being similar to Paint by Numbers...we will give you the Colour Palette and let you know where the colours can be changed.

These products are fully custom made to your specifications. They are produced off-shore and normally take 12-14 weeks.

Not only are you able to use different methods to decorate your item but the branding area itself is much larger when you produce off-shore. When the product arrives in Australia it has already been sewn together and so it can be quite difficult to be able to have a screen put on the fabric so we can screen print it or access certain panels in order to embroider. When we manufacture off-shore we actually do all the branding before the item is put together. Because the fabric is flat there is no limitation on where we can and can't print.

Are there minimum order quantities? Yes. The minimum order quantity varies according to the product - ranging from 100 for a custom cap to many thousands for temporary tattoos or plastic pens. The nature of a custom order is that our chosen offshore factory has a production run for your product - meaning that extremely small runs are uneconomic. If you require only a few items, we may be able to offer local decoration of a product warehoused in Australia. Please look through our website to see what other products may be available.

How long does it take? With some products such as lanyards, caps or USBs that are broadly generic you will receive your product within 4-5 weeks of placing your order. If there is a high level of customisation or if it is a large item the production run could be longer and we would use sea freight to ship the goods to Australia. In this instance you should allow 12-14 weeks production. Airfreighting the goods into Australia at additional cost will bring down production time frame to 6-7 weeks. For New Zealand customers we can arrange to have your order sent straight from China to your doorstep which means your lead time is not longer plus you are not hit up with a freight charge from Australia to New Zealand.

Will I receive an art approval or preproduction sample?

You will always receive an art approval prior to production. For items such as temporary tattoos, lanyards or an item where you have previously seen a sample such as a pen or USB without extra customisation this is sufficient. In every other instance our offshore factory will produce a preproduction sample for you to inspect prior to full production. Only once you are happy with the quality of the preproduction sample will we authorise full scale production.

Christmas Corporate Gifts
New Exodus Hoodies Competition - Star in our 2011 Catalogue!
Exodus Hoodies continue to gain popularity with schools, dance clubs and sporting teams or anyone with a bit of creative flair. The new competition is bound to really inspire many to create a winning design and be featured in the new Exodus Hoodies Brochure!
Check out the Exodus Hoodies Facebook Page
City2Surf Team Shirts
This year is the 40th annual City2Surf Race. The 14km race from Hyde Park (City) to the spectacular Bondi Beach (Surf) is a really fun day whether you are competing or just attending for a day out. It is especially great as a team building day for your staff. If you are going to book a team don't forget to organise your team shirts so that your team stands out on the day and each participant will get to keep the shirt as a memento of their run.

Register for the City2Surf online. Register now!
City2Surf T-Shirts
Please contact JEM Promotional Product on (02)8205 1334 or email if you would like to organise some team shirts either for your company or as a sponsorship. Also available are jackets and tracksuits.
Create Your Image Blog Round Up
Our Create Your Image Blog showcases new promotional products, promotional marketing tips, promotional industry news, merchandise campaigns from all over the World and will keep you up to the latest with JEM Promotional Products news.

Check out some snippets from out top blog posts from the last month:

What the Exodus Hoodies team would do if we could design an Eclipse Hoodie for the Twilight Merchandise range

Official Eclipse Movie Poster

The Exodus Hoodies team have been eagerly looking forward to the release of the third movie installment in the Twilight Saga and so while we were waiting for the movie to be released we decided to past the time by putting together what we think would be the ultimate hoodie designs for the Eclipse merchandise range.


Exodus Hoodies are completely custom hoodies and while we normally design Hoodies & Jackets for Schools and Sporting Clubs we can design for other industries also. All our Hoodies & Jackets actually start white and we use a printing method called Sublimation to print the design on to the material. This means we are not restricted to material colours and we can even print intricate designs or photos. Because we completely custom make them there are no design limitations and so the team let our imaginations go wild when putting these concepts together for the Eclipse Hoodie. So check out our designs below; we would love your feedback and ideas so leave a comment!

These first couple of designs are pretty basic where we would just use photos of the main stars - Edward, Bella & Jacob. Take moment to read the full post and to see all the designs!

Should NRL teams be restricted to one jersey design?

All NRL teams wearing their jerseys (Getty Images: Matt King)

I have heard some pretty heated debates on the radio recently about whether or not NRL teams should be restricted to one or two strips maximum - one in their normal colours and a reverse strip for when they play teams of a similar colour. At the moment it seems teams have more than just these two standard strips, an example being The Dragons with a commemorative strip created for the Anzac Day game.

On the radio there were calls from people who thought it was unfair that teams could have multiple strips as it meant there is constant pressure to purchase a new jersey each time the strip changes which can be very costly. Other callers loved the fact that the strip changes and that they can collect all the different designs.

Take a moment to read the full post.


New Epaulette shirt now available in our Corporate Uniform range

Epaulette Shirt

JEM Promotional Products have added a new Epaulette Shirt to our Corporate Uniforms range. At this stage we only have a Men's style with a short and long sleeve option available. Our colour range consists of blue and white and sizes range from Small to 5XL.

Product Details:

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Poplin fabric
  • Twin chest flap pockets
  • Fully functional shoulder epaulettes
Take a moment to read the full post.

To subscribe go to our Create Your Image blog where you will see a box you can enter your email address into.
Coming Up in the August Newsletter

* More On Off-Shore Custom Made Christmas Gifts!
* New Special Offer
* More Summer Lifestyle Products
* Promotional Products for Successful Events
* Melbourne Cup Promotional Products
* Fathers Day Promotion
July Special Offer
Cheap cooler bags
Current Promotion
The most important consideration when selecting Christmas Gifts is to select products that have a wide range of appeal and that will be used again and again. Your logo will be seen many times throughout the Summer months if showcased on the correct Summer products so take a moment to think about your target market.

If you select from our featured Summer Custom Made Products you can customise the colours from the colour palettes available.

View our Summer Custom Made products online.
More promotions online

Staff Christmas Gifts personalised with your Employees' Names

Personalised Coffee Mug

At Christmas time we have lots of requests from companies to have their Staff Christmas Gifts personalised with their employee names so we thought it would be appropriate to mention this service early this year so our clients can consider this option when organising their gifts. Most people are not aware of the many personalisation options we have available so we decided we would outline them all in this below:

Embroidered Name 

If you are doing a product made of fabric e.g. clothing, most bags, caps, towels etc. there is the opportunity to add a personalised embroidered name. The cost is $6.00 per name and this will allow up to 5,000 stitches. Because it is just text this can cover even large names printed around 25cm on the bottom of a beach towel. There is no additional cost if you choose from one of our standard fonts of which we have hundreds to choose from. However if you do want the names written in a specific font there may be a small set-up fee of between $30 to $45 + GST.

Engraved Name

If you are giving a product that is made out of metal e.g. metal pens, key rings, desk items etc. it is possible to add a personalised engraved name. The below prices are based on an engraving area of 30 x 20mm (or 600mm square) in size or equivalent. For engraving we just need the names supplied in a Word Document.

Direct Digitally Printed Name

JEM Promotional Products have a new branding method called Direct Digital Printing where you can do a full colour process print on a variety of items without it costing extra than a standard 1 or 2 colour pad print. Follow this link to read more about and see which products can be Direct Digital Printed.

The best thing about this branding method is that we can actually personalise each item with a personal name at NO ADDITIONAL COST. For this personalisation option we just need a separate copy of your artwork file for each person with only their name appearing. You can provide this or we can prepare the files you for at a cost of $85 + GST per hour. It takes us approximately a minute per name to edit and save the file.

Sublimated Name

On nll neoprene (Stubby Cooler material) products we are able to do a printing method called Sublimation. Sublimation allows us to print full colour artworks and even photos onto neoprene. printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto a medium such as a plastic card, paper, or fabric. The dye transitions between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage.

Example of neoprene products we have available are Stubby Coolers.

Decal Name on Ceramics 

If you are buying your staff Coffee Mugs as their Christmas Gift you can have their name personalised on the mug. People become very protective of their mug and generally don't like to share so having your name on the mug is a perfect way to identify it as yours and prevent coffee cup thief's from using it!

Read the full informative article on Personalising Christmas Gifts and choose the best option for your company or clients.

South Sydney Rabbitohs
This year JEM Promotional Products has been proud to sponsor the South Sydney Rabbitohs. The JEM team and our guests have had the pleasure of watching some really fantastic football matches this season.

The most recent and possibly most exciting was the match against Melbourne Storm on the 26th of June in the lovely but very chilly city of Perth. The score was very close 16-14 but luckily in the Rabbitohs favour!

Please let us know if you would like to attend an up and coming home match (ANZ Stadium) and we will see if we have some spare tickets.

Here are some photos from the match:

South Rabbitohs Mascot

JEM Directors - John and Maria
More photos on our Facebook!
Featured Product:
Slap on Watch with Silicon Strap
Setting new trends with Slap On Watches and Pocket Watches.

 Unique time pieces that are bound to appeal to the younger crowd.

Pocket watches are ideal for nurses or anyone in the health industry.
Spoon Pocket Watches

Trendy Slap On Watches
Please don't hesitate to contact our sales consultants at JEM Promotional Products on (02) 8205 1334 or and they will be happy to assist you with any aspects of product selection. 
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