JEM Promotional Products January Newsletter 2009

Jem Promotional Products January Newsletter 2009

Relax and let JEM take care of your conference needs

Do you have conference products on the mind? Are you responsible for organising your company's conference, trade show or exhibition?  You must be just about pulling your hair out by now?!  Well you can relax.... JEM Promotional Products has loads of experience with helping people just like you organise their events.

We know all the little things that can sometimes be overlooked.  And we can take care of the logistics like delivery to event locations or distribution of gifts / uniforms prior to your conference.  We can also help with providing the perfect products to make your attendees feel welcome, valued and most importantly products that will make it hard for them forget your company, message or product.
RELAX.... we are here to make sure your event runs smoothly.
There can be a lot to remember when sorting out your event so we have created 3 basic checklists you can follow:

1. Trade Show & Exhibition products

Trade Show and Exhibition Promotional Products

2. Executive Conference products

Executive Conference Products

3. Travel Conference products

Travel Conference Products
If yo

Our latest 
Special Offers
Tote Bag Special Offer

Drink Bottle Special Offer
FEATURE ARTICLE: Guide to picking your Conference products
There are a few key products that are must-haves for your conference, expo or trade show. The three main areas you need to cover are attendees, exhibitors/organisers and speakers.

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