JEM Promotional Products January Newsletter 2008

Jem Promotional Products January Newsletter 2008

JEM Promotional Products

Happy New Year & Welcome Back!
JEMPP Newsletter
9th January, 2008
Dear Elyse,

Happy New Year and welcome back - we hope you had a relaxing break!

2008 is going to be a massive year here at JEM Promotional Products!

We are busy planning some fantastic promotons to take place throughout the year and are committed to improving and updating our range of promotional products and services so we are always offering you new and innovative ideas.

If you have any upcoming events during this quarter or later on in the year, I'd be glad to help by putting together a proposal on promotional products.

I look forward to working with you throughout the year!
P.S.Don't forget to check out our PEN PROMO below.  Unwind with FREE MOVIE TICKETS!

Yours Sincerely,
John Cabral
Managing Director

JEM Promotional Products
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Fax: 02 8205 1335
Mobile: 0408 861 637

Australia Day merchandise
Australia Day is a great day of the year giving every Australian time to relax and share some time with friends and family, reflecting on the year gone by and the year ahead! Share this day with your clients with our range of logo customisable Australia Day merchandise.
 Promotion ends 25th January 2008
Pivo Pen Promo!
BIC Pen Pivo Promotion
We've decided to bring back one of our most successful promotions on the BIC Pivo Pen. Place your order by the 22nd January 2008, and receive 2 free movie tickets!

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