JEM Promotional Products February Newsletter 2011

Jem Promotional Products February Newsletter 2011

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Easter will be here soon....
JEMPP Newsletter
16th of February, 2011

Hi Elyse,   


Somehow knowing that Easter is just around the corner seems  like this year is going by really fast. We are certainly at full swing here at JEMPP with our team working very hard on many promotional marketing brief's for locally sourced products as well as fully customised products manufactured off-shore.  


Our Summer this year has really served to remind us that we live in what is often a very hot climate, with temperatures in Sydney staying around 40 degrees for quite a few days. It made many seek the outdoors looking for those Southerlies that eventually brought relief from the very hot conditions.


Spending lots of time outdoors is indeed a very Aussie thing to do. Most of us do our best to avoid being stuck indoors. Doing business away from the office or boardroom is now becoming something to strive for whenever possible. Many see the benefits of meeting clients in Restaurants, Sporting Events or even at Golf Days.


Our Special Offer this month is for the Golf lovers out there (and we know there are many!). You will receive a free MaxFli Golf bag with every 144 Branded MaxFli Noodle Golf Balls. It will definetely 'drive' everyone onto the Golf Course. Pardon the pun! In all seriousness, it is a fantastic opportunity to organise a Golf Day and reap the rewards of this exciting offer.


Please do not hesiate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02) 8205 1334 or if you would like to discuss any product mentioned in our Newsletter.




The Team at JEM Promotional Products

(02) 8205 1334


JEM Promotional Products 10 Year Celebration  

JEM Promotional Products 10 Year Anniversary


As part of our 10 Year Celebration we are going to do a feature in our newsletter each month with a focus on the number 10. This month we continue with... 


10 Tips for Exhibitors



Before the Expo


1. Identify your goals

Do you want to increase visibility, gain exposure to a new market, check out the competition, launch a new product or service?


2. Plan to measure and evaluate  


Hand out a 1000 brochures, obtain 100 new prospects or meet a key customer.



3. Develop a key message for your booth


All good advertising requires oneclearly communicated message.

Don't get tempted to try and say too much and end up with a cluttered and confused mess.



4. Design an open and inviting booth


Keep the booth open, don't obstruct the opening with tables etc. Use interesting graphics to draw peoples attention and create plenty off "walking around" space.



5. Advertise your participation


Use news releases, newsletters, e-newsletters, mail outs, your website, email inviting your customers to visit.



6. Promotional material


Is your marketing collateral up-to date? Create a powerpoint presentation, consider give-aways or running a competition.



7. Your staff


Decide on a dress code for your staff to make them easily identifiable.

Train your staff to know what to expect and make sure they know the product or service inside out. Encourage a warm and friendly first impression. There's nothing like staff with their backs to the entrance, on the phone or scowling with arms crossed to switch people off.


After the Expo


8. Try to send requested literature within 24 hrs of the Expo.


9. Keep track of your new prospects.


10. Analyse what went well and what didn't so you can improve your performance for next year!


Stay tuned for next's month 10 Feature
Featured Article: The Benefits of ordering Promotional Products from your Local Sydney Distributor   

There are many benefits associated with working with a local distributor including:

  • Relationships - meeting your sales consultant and getting to know each other on a professional level
  • Ability to meet and understand the client's needs (seeing previous promotional products or meeting to design new products in readiness for manufacturing)  
  • Ability to deliver fast turn-around on (locally warehoused) urgent items (many times our consultants personally deliver to Sydney location including the airport when deadlines are very tight)  
  • Less transportation/freight costs
  • Less impact on the environment by sourcing locally (minimise your carbon footprint by sourcing and ordering local products whenever possible)
  • Promotional Products Sponsorships (giving back to the community but also benefiting from brand exposure in the local area)  
Read the full article online
Create Your Image Blog Round Up
Our Create Your Image Blog

showcases new promotional products, promotional marketing tips, promotional industry news, merchandise campaigns from all over the World and will keep you up to the latest with JEM Promotional Products news.

Check out some snippets from out top blog posts from the last month:

New Exodus Hoodies & Jackets Website Launched 


Exodus Hoodies and Jackets have launched our new website! We have had a facebook page for a while now which has worked really well to communicate instantaneously with all our fans on the status of orders, upload designs and photos of pre-production samples etc. However, we also realised that a website would be a better way of communicating a lot of information such as how the whole process of designing a custom hoodie works. We also have a page where you can download our design templates so that you can start designing your custom garment.


Click on the screen shot below to be taken to our website. 

 Exodus Hoodies & Jackets Website

 Read the full blog post online.  

Eggrow Message Plant - a unique product idea for your Easter Promotion 



Eggrow Message PlantEggrow contains a bean that is embraced within an eggshell and will grow to a living plant. Just open, add water and sunshine, you will be amazed and delighted to see the bean grow in 8 hours. In about 5-7 days time, Eggrow will germinate and reveal its secret message to you or that special someone.


There's the option of customising just the message; customising the message and a logo on the eggshell; or customising the message, logo and packaging box.


Read the full blog post. 


Conference Pack Promotion Still Available 


The conference pack promotion we featured in our January newsletter is still available for a couple more weeks. Place your order before the offer expires.  
Conference Pack Promotion
To subscribe go to our Create Your Image blog where you will see a box you can enter your email address into. Also get to know the team at JEM Promotional Products a little better by becoming our friend on facebook.
Golf Special Offer
Easter is just around the corner!

Click on the image below to see our new Easter products for 2011. 

Easter Eggs Promotion

Click on the image below for more information about our custom branded Easter Eggs.  


Branded Easter Eggs

    Contact us on (02) 8205 1334 or reply to this email for more information regarding these products.
JEM Promotional Products is proud to sponsor South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2011

Some of the JEM Team went to the Charity Shield match last weekend between South Sydney Rabittohs & St George Dragons. While the score did not go in our favour it was still an exciting start to the NRL year.   


View more photos on our Facebook Page.


Custom Made Promotional Products

Stand out from your competition

- with customising you create merchandise unique to your organisation.


Save money - by manufacturing a custom order in overseas based factories you will achieve economies of scale, low production costs and avoid warehousing overheads

Custom Made Cap

Almost anything can be custom made from a polo shirt in your corporate colours decorated in a dynamic way - to a backpack with custom zippers and pockets. From a stress item shaped like your mascot - to a custom shaped 3D key ring to multiple custom items and print material packaged in a blister pack.

If it can be manufactured, we can customise it for you.


JEM have a network of contacts able to communicate in the local language with literally hundreds of factories in China, the US and the developing world.


Please contact us on (02) 8205 1334 or reply to this email for more information about our Custom Made Promotional Products service.
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