JEM Promotional Products August Newsletter 2009

Jem Promotional Products August Newsletter 2009

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Feature on Custom Made Products!
JEMPP Newsletter
19th August, 2009
Hi Elyse,

This month's newsletter is all about Custom Made Products. Many of our clients do not realise that JEM Promotional Products are able to source and manufacture products direct from overseas factories. It is a difficult service to promote as there is no stock range of products we can list on our website, basically we can source any product you can think of and have it manufactured to your specifications; you just have to let us know what you are after!

In this email we will discuss further why you should consider custom making your products, the types of customisation available as well as the logistics of producing something offshore. At the same time we we will also try and explain industry buzz words like "Indent", "Offshore" and "Factory Direct".

In following with the Custom Made theme this month's promotion is on Summer Custom Made Products that you can customise and have delivered in 4-6 weeks. They are not fully custom made however, think of it like Paint by Numbers...we will give you a colour palette and let you know what sections of the product you can pick the colour for.

Lastly, we know that Custom Made Products can be hard to understand and so we have put together an article which is about Custom Made versus Stock Products with an explanation of the differences in Cost, Customisation and Decoration. We use some practical examples like the difference between producing a Beach Ball offshore to printing one locally to highlight the benefits of having your products Custom Made. I think the main point of this example is to show that custom made does not equal more expensive, in fact in most situations you will have greater customistion options and save money if you have the longer lead-time to work with.

If you have a Custom Made Product brief you would like us to work on please reply to this email with the details.


The Team at JEM Promotional Products

Ph: 02 8205 1334
Fax: 02 8205 1335

Featured Custom Made Product - Exodus Hoodies

Exodus Hoodies
Exodus Hoodies are designed and sold exclusively by JEM Promotional Products. We sell them to Schools as Graduation Hoodies for the Year 12 Students but they are a very versatile product that can also be used for Corporate Teams.

We can do some amazing customisation on Exodus Hoodies including:

  • Choice of Fabric Colour, Hood Lining Colour, Arm & Waist Band Colour, Zipper Colour, Drawstring Colour
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Personalised Embroidered Name on each jacket
  • Personalised Nickname Sublimated on the back
  • Sublimated Number on the back
  • All over sublimation print
  • Hoodie lining printed with all your student's/team member names
  • Printing on the Sleeves
  • Printing over zippers and seams

Exodus Hoodies have a minimum order quantity of 50. For more information check out the Exodus Hoodies Product Page.
 Exodus Hoodies Facebook Page

Check out the Exodus Hoodies Facebook!

Featured Article - Custom Made vs. Stock Products
If you want more information on the difference between Custom Made Products vs. Stock Promotional Products you can read through an article we have on our website. Below is a practical example that we have used in the article to show that when you produce offshore you get to pick the colours you want, have a larger branding area with the option of printing more than 1 colour and the price is actually cheaper if you are able to wait the two extra weeks.

Beach Ball Stock vs Local Comparison

Comparison Summary: by producing off-shore you get to pick the colours you want, have a larger branding area with the option of printing more than 1 colour and the price is actually cheaper if you are able to wait the two extra weeks. It pays to be organised and get your order in early!

Other areas covered in the article include:

  • Why you should customise merchandise overseas
  • What products can you customise
  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Lead Times

Follow this link to read our article on Custom Made vs. Stock Products
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Case Study
Inflatable Rugby Ball Hats
Rugby Ball Hat

In 2007 JEM Promotional Products were approached with a brief from an RTD Alcohol brand who was launching into the Australian market in the winter of 2007.

Alcohol Bottle

They were launching during the Rugby World Cup and they wanted a promotional product that would be a talking point, aimed at gaining publicity and generating word of mouth advertising for the brand.

Sketch for Rugby Ball Hat

A range of innovative ideas were proposed but the 'inflatable rugby ball hat' was the chosen product concept. Accurate pricing was provided within 3 hours of the brief and go-ahead on the project was given immediately. This began what would become one of the toughest lead-times JEMPP has ever had to meet, particularly for such a heavily customised product that was developed from a sketch concept.

Rugby Ball Hat

Inflatable promotional products from concept stage through to delivery take on average 14-16 weeks to produce and deliver, but in this instance the entire order of 9,000 inflatable hats was produced and delivered within 4 1/2 weeks of the initial enquiry. The goods were delivered in full on the promised delivery date and the client was impressed and 100% satisfied with the product and the service.

Wearing Rugby Ball Hat

Supplier liaison and client communication was critical in making this deadline possible and ultimately a successful marketing brand.
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