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  • Personalising Christmas Gifts

    13 October, 2016

    Employee Gifts can at times feel impersonal so it is really important to personlise gifts as much as possible. For instance a coffee mug may be sourced with the company logo on one side and individual names on the other so it is much more personal.

    Take moment to read some tips in our article on how to make employee gifts more meaningful.

    The same is true for client gifts. Whether an item is cheap or expensive, if it is personalised with our own name we become much more reluctant to throw the item away. Personalisation shows that you have put more thought into your gift and that it is not just a mass mail-out to a whole database. Some great ideas for personalisation are putting your clients name on a penshirt or cap. The difference in cost may only be a dollar or two but it will result in a big different in the longevity of your product in your customer's life.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information regarding ways to personalise Employee Gifts this Christmas.

  • Gift Presentation as Important as the Gift!

    13 October, 2016

    The wrapping of a Gift can at times be left to the last minute and may be forgotten altogether which is not ideal for good first impressions.

    Corporate Gifts in particular can seem lack lustre if the Gift is just presented to the recipient without any Gift Wrapping. A well presented Gift with attractive Wrapping Paper and Customised Ribbon and Tissue Paper can make all the difference as is the case with Christmas Gift Bags.

    Impress Clients with beuatifull Wrapping and thoughtfull Gifts this Christmas and enjoy their positive reaction.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on Custom Packaging making your Gift Presentation live up to expectations!

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