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  • Happy Australia Day!

    25 January, 2018

    The team at JEM Promotional Products would like to wish all our clients, families and friends a very happy Australia Day.

    We hope you get to do what you enjoy best about this great country, such as enjoying a BBQ with family and friends or a lovely trip to the beach. We think our Aussie Beach Flags are perfect for all Australia Day celebrations!

    We will be back to work on Monday the 29th of January and look forward to being of assistance with any of your company's needs for 2018.

    The team at JEM Promotional Products can be reached on (02)82051334 or

  • Running your Franchise Merchandise Program through an Online Store

    24 January, 2018

    Franchises are in a unique situation when it comes to creating a merchandise program; most individual stores have a different owner each with their own opinion on how the business should be run. One of the biggest challenges with franchises is ensuring that franchise owners adhere to the guidelines set by Head Office so that there is consistency across all the stores. If you take a fast food chain for example the menu is always consistent because customers expect to find the same range available at all the stores.

    The same philosophy should also be implemented when it comes to creating the Uniform and Merchandise range for the franchise; each store should be expected to have the same uniform and promotional items available. The easiest way to achieve this is with a set merchandise program and an online store which the uniforms, merchandise and promotional items can be purchased through. 

    JEM Promotional Products can offer an online store where the whole range of merchandise and promotional marketing products for in-store promotions can be sold to individual franchise owners across the country. We also handle the distribution so that Head Office have one less thing to worry about and there is consistency across all mediums.

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