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  • Spring is the Perfect Time For Renewal, Rebranding or Reinvention!

    8 September, 2017

    A company or organisation's image is all important so aside from the logo there are many important considerations that must be thought through to ensure the correct image is being projected to the market place.

    Corporate Uniforms are a big factor in establishing a positive image so keeping the styling as classic as possible is a good start. The classic design ensures that the uniform is not  caught up in the latest fads and trends that come ago and do little to establish a consitent positive image. However the uniform  must still appear current so it's important to take time to assess whether the uniform is achieving a desirable image.

    Our consultants can offer various options and to assist in identifying what the goals for the uniform are so as to ensure it meets important criteria such as image, quality and comfort.

    Please take a moment to read our article which addresses some of these points:

    The Benefits of a Company Uniform

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or regarding any aspects of rebranding and we will be happy to assist!

  • Is Your Company Thinking About Christmas Gifts?

    21 August, 2017

    It may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas Gifts in August but it makes perfect sense when you consider lead times and the gift distribution period necessary to have all gifts arrive at specific destinations.

    Selecting appropriate gifts that will be well received by the recipients. Important considerations are how is the gift to be used such as will the recipient be at work or leisure.

    Defining the usage of the Gift will determine the type of Gift to be selected and how it will be sourced.

    Important questions that need to be asked are budget per item, recipient special interest, and due date.

    These important consideration will define the potential gifts to a manageable level so an informed decision can be made.

    Once a recipient's special interest is confirmed such as someone who is wine buff or simply enjoys good wine then wine accessories such as our Geneval 2 Bottlle Leather Wine Carrier can be sourced. The Wine Carrier can be Embossed or Pad Printed to create an elegant, understated style that is sure to impress.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)8205 1334 or for more information on the range of gifts available in our range.

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