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  • Marketing Your Brand and Corporate Image

    27 July, 2017

    Experience shows that the most effective way to promote your product is to market your brand and corporate image. Not only does this develop your company’s public presence, but it also encourages your customers to establish ongoing trust in your services and merchandise.
    In the pursuit of successful brand and image marketing, companies often spend large amounts of money on high risk, low-exposure advertising campaigns. Yet, there is a simple, inexpensive and highly effective way to showcase your brand. Displaying your corporate image on promotional products, such as clothing, is a proven and successful marketing option.
    Select from our wide range of clothing items that are suitable for any target market which will assist in building a strong brand recognition.
    Select from T-Shirts, Singlet Tops, Polo Shirts, Casual Shirts, Business Shirts as a starting point and use the appropriate branding for the event to ensure the logo or artwork is displayed in ithe best way possible.
    Screenprinting of bold colours is usully recommended for T-Shirts and Singlets, with embroidered logos mostly used on Polo Shirts and Business Shirts.
    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products for more information on any promotional items in our range.
  • The Importance Of Giving The Right Gift!

    24 July, 2017

    Nowdays most people are Brand conscious so when they receive a Gift it may not measure up to their expectations. The Gift may not be used which is really a waste of money which defeats the purpose of outlaying funds.  Retail Brands may be the answer when looking for a Gift that is appreciated and used in years to come. Long lasting Brand recognition is ideal so why not give the client who has discerning taste a Gift they will use and appreciate. Select from our wide range of retail brands such as Hugo Boss, Ungaro and Cacharel which are well known for product elegance and style.

    Select from gift items such as Cacharel Document Bags, Hugo Boss Gift Sets and Ungaro A4  Laptop Folder or any other item in our range if Retail Brands. These items can be co-barnded with company logos which is a great way to promote a corporate image.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products regarding any of the Executive Retail Brands in our range which are available for Co-Branding with Company Logos.

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