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  • Starbucks Promotes Reusable Cups

    18 July, 2018

    In the promotional products industry reusable cups have been used for many purposes, of which brand exposure would be one of the top reasons. The fact that a logo is highly visible to a target market is an important factor in product selection.

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    Another important reason is the ability to reduce the impact on the environment with less throw away cups going into landfill.

    The fact that Starbucks is now promoting the usage of Reusable Cups is going to highlight the need for all consumers to be mindful of uncessary packaging when going about their daily lives. So every little bit can add up over the whole year.

    On top of that there is the advantage that you get to take away your coffee in your favourite cup which is an added bonus.

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    Reusable Cups can provide insulation that keeps the contents warmer longer which is ideal for car trips and especially on those cold winter mornings on the way into work.

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