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    5 November, 2017

    Are you currently selling your merchandise through stores and are limited by geographic constraints in attracting customers? Do you handle the procurement of your branded merchandise for all your branches across Australia? Organising this amount of merchandise can be a huge undertaking and at JEM Promotional Products we would like to make this an easier process for you through the creation of a custom Merchandise Program and Online Store.

    Our online stores are built on a custom interface that we design with your company logo, colours and styling. Images and written content are also specific to your company and many companies choose to use the WebShop as an internal communications platform. What better way to communicate with your staff and branches across Australia than through your customised online store. We know it can be hard to get your own employees to look at your website but if they have to go online to order their merchandise why not push your latest marketing strategies through at the same time. 


    The benefits of an Online Store


    • Saves you time and resources and in-turn minimise costs
    • Make your merchandise range more accessible and readily available for order: This is a fantastic advantage if you have branches all across Australia. You can centralise ordering, gain economies of scale by buying bulk and protect your brand by ensuring that all items that have your logo are consistent with your brand guidelines
    • Build awareness of your merchandise range and encourage ordering
    • Expand your range into the online market if you are currently selling only through a physical store

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