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  • The End Of the Financial Year is Upon Us!

    15 May, 2017

    The first half of the year has really flown by so to realise that the EOFY is only weeks away is surprising. Many marketers have either exhausted their marketing budgets totally or have very small amounts left so often it's case of use it or lose it!

    At JEM Promotional Products we believe that stationery items, branded with company logos, are ideal items to spend the last few dollars on because they are usefull promotional products for a variety of purposes.

    The office cupboard can be a storage place for stationery items that are useful not only on a day to day basis but even for corporate events that sometimes occur without warning. Keeping handy items in stock throughout the year can be a real life saver when time is of the enssence. Promotional Pens, Non- Woven Tote Bags or Calico Bags, Lanyards and Name Tags and even some Executive Gifts and Wine Bags for those unexpect visitors that tend to come by bearing gifts and good manners dictates that a gift must be given in return.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on any of the many stationery items which are ideal for stocking the office cupboards before the 30th of June!

  • Promotional Winter Warmers a Necessity Not a Luxury!

    10 May, 2017

    As winter makes itself felt, marketers are gearing promotions towards winter themed items. The big focus is naturally on the type of promotional items that most people are using or looking to use this at time of year. It makes sense that a successful promotional product should be found on or near the person who is part of the targeted marketing campaign. It is simply about brand exposure so any promotional item that showcases a logo or artwork is an effective marketing tool but it must reach its intended niche market for it to do it's job.

    The selection of winter themed promotional items is therefore crucial and must be done with a high level of understanding of the niche market. Important questions must be asked to ensure the choice of promotional items is correct.

    Java Mini Mug


    Where will the person be when they use the promotional item?

    If they will be in the car then that narrows down the possibilities and a product can be suggested such as a travel mug. The promotional travel mug is an ideal promotional item because it will not only be useful but the logo will be highly visible and in your client's hands on a number of times each day.

    So it is essential to make the right choice of promotional item so as to ensure that the recipient considers it a necessity and not a luxury and so has it on their person or nearby thoughout the day for the item to be considered a success. Our Java Mini Mug is perfect to have on hand for  variety of situations and can be used as company giveaways at conferences and tradshows or to simply have stock of in the office cupboard. Also view our EOFY Thermal Mug Promotion for other promotional travel mug ideas.

    Please contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for ideas and suggestions on how to make your winter promotions a success with your niche market.

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