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  • Party Time with the Sydney Mardi Gras 2018

    8 February, 2018

    Mardi Gras is always popular in Sydney and is sure to be the same again this year. The festival brings together our diverse communities and aims to celebrate the differences without judgement.

    The event also aims to connect with members of these communities and to promote positive health practices. On a serious note, and as community service, some organisatiosn may aim to spread the word about positive health practices during the festival.

    Personalised Condom Sleeves are ideal for distributing amongst clients which can feature cheeky messages but still focus on important safe health practices. 

    On the less serious side Novelty Merchandise Items are always fun and are really ideal as far as getting the party started . These items provide can product or brand awareness to a target market so worthwhile orgainising well before the big day.

    Anything colourful or noisy is sure to get attention so it's a great way to get the atmosphere perfect for the event. Party Balloons and Hand Shaped Bang Bang Cheering Sticks are sure to get maximum attention for the large crowd that usually attends the festival.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team at JEM Promotional Products on (02)82051334 or for more information on merchandise items such as our personalised Condom Sleeves or any other fun promotional item suitable for the Mardi Gras.

  • Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018

    8 February, 2018

    Australia's warm climate is not what you would expect as a good training ground for a Winter Olympic Games team. However, we do have a great team who is sure to provide Australians with lots of heart stopping moments and possibly some medals as well.

    Take a moment to get to know the team and get behind the athletes who are sure to make our nation proud.

    Many organisations will show support through events and other ways which show we are behind them.

    Let your clients know that you value our fantastic Australian Team with winter sports themed events and promotional products.

    Please don't hesitate to contact the team on(02)82051334 or for any information regarding any promotional item in our range.



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