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Conferences, Tradeshows and Exhibitions, all share one common goal and that is to bring together the right people that will benefit from supplying, distributing specific products, skills or services and those that will be purchasing or using those services. 


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We all pride ourselves in being professionals at what we do for a living. We have possibly spent years educating ourselves on the many facets of our roles to ensure that not only do we do a good job and thus feel good about ourselves but that we are able to be recognised by our employers and clients as specialists in our field. This naturally is a big task and often takes us well beyond the standard 40 hour week but we do this because we recognise the need to go beyond the call of duty in today's competitive economy.  

However, there are some things most people simply should not do themselves and that is not because they are unable to do it but simply that their time is best spent doing what they do best.  

We at JEM Promotional products consider ourselves as promotional products experts and aim to consult and guide you towards the best products for your event. We are not restricted by catalogues and if we believe your event will be best served by sourcing unique products from all over the world then that is what we will recommend.We may even suggest designing a unique product that will truly reflect your company and brand and take it through from the conceptualisation stage through to manufacture and eventual national distribution.  

As a starting point a basic checklist is a must to ensure you have not forgotten any important items such as:  

  • Brand Reminder
  • Attendee Gift
  • Sponsors & Speakers Gifts
  • Exhibitor Info Pack
  • Attendee Bag  

We believe that we can save most people a lot of time and money by utilising our consultants' ability to suggest appropriate products for each occasion. The products in the end aren't just products but vehicles for logos and messages so why take a chance on not getting it right. After all it's what we have spent a lot of time educating ourselves on, working well past the 40 hour week and making sure we do the best so we can to ensure that we are able to provide all our clients with the best conference items and needs.

So relax and let JEM Promotional Products take care of your conference needs.

For any enquires on how JEM Promotioanl Products can assist you with your next event please contact us on (02) 8205 1334 or and our consultants will be happy to assist you with all your promotional products needs.

Conference Promotional Products taken care of

Are you responsible for organising your company's conference,trade show or exhibition? You must be just about pulling your hair out bynow?! Well you can relax.... JEM Promotional Products has loads ofexperience with helping people just like you organise their events.

We know all the little things that can sometimes be overlooked. And we can take care of the logistics like delivery to event locations or distribution of gifts / uniforms prior to your conference. We can also help with providing the perfect products to make your attendees feel welcome, valued and most importantly products that will make it hard for them forget your company, message or product.

RELAX.... we are here to make sure your event runs smoothly.

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