How to be green and save money

How To Be Green And Save Money

How to be green and savemoney

10/12/20089:31:00 AM

JEM Promotional Products Environmental Initiatives

Green: John Cabral, owner of JEMPromotions, said Symmetry Sustainable Business mentor Bill Parker (right) hashelped him to make his business more environmentally sustainable and also savedhim money.

SAVINGthe environment and saving money are not concepts that usually go together inthe business world.

BillParker of Symmetry Sustainable Business said that that's why most small businessesavoid pursuing environmentally friendly practices because they don't think theyare within their budget.

``Butthey don't realise that they can do some simple things that will help theenvironment and actually save them money in the long run,' Mr Parker said.

``ThroughSymmetry I help businesses that have 20 employees or less to pick up somereally simple hints on how to lower their operating costs.

``I go inand do an assessment of how they operate and then make some suggestions abouthow they could be more environmentally sustainable.

``Forexample, a simple thing that every business can do is start up double-sidedprinting. Usually this only requires a minor adjustment to their printers andthey can print on both sides of the page, saving themselves thousands ofdollars in paper costs, with just a few minutes work.'

TheAusIndustry sponsored program, which is now provided through the Liverpooloffice of the Macarthur Business Enterprise Centre, is run with a $50 nominalfee for businesses, but Mr Parker said it is worth thousands.

MrParker's first client has been JEM Promotions, a marketing company whichdevelops and produces merchandise.OwnerJohn Cabra said that he and his team have always been environmentallyconscious.

``That'spart of our focus here, to make goods out of recycled materials and pursue moresustainable ways of doing things,' Mr Cabral said.

``BeforeBill came in we had a separate copier, printer and fax. He told us to purchasea machine that does all three it's a lot more energy efficient.'

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