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Climate Change: Take action Now! Blog

A cut-to-the-chase blog which aims at inspiringAustralians to do their part to prevent climate change. Articles and postsfeature how to guides, the latest news on environmental issues, and facts andinformation to help notify Australian residents and businesses. We will alsofeature a whole range of environmentally conscious promotional products thatyou can consider using as your next marketing campaign.

Environmental Initiatives

JEM Promotional Products has had a strong environmental focus since its inception and we are a market leader within the promotional products industry with our innovative environmental strategies.

Environmental awareness has increased in recent years amongst our customers and we have implemented a number of strategies to address the market's demand for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional promotional products.

Environmentally Conscious Promotional Products

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Our enviro range has been categorised by the following:

Promotion of Environmental Issues to Increase Awareness

Since February 2007, JEMPP has maintained and updated a blog news site 'Climate Change - take action now!' used as a communication channel to voice the importance of environmental issues to our clients.

Through our corporate blogs, our website resource articles and e-mail marketing, we aim to keep our clients aware of environmental events happening throughout the year that they can support, as well as promotion of key environmental events including Earth Hour and National Tree Day.

Promotion of Environmental Issues to Increase Awareness

JEM Promotional Products has recently switched over to using 100% Green Power purchased through C0Zero. This is our first step towards offsetting some of the carbon produced from our everyday business activities with our ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Symmetry Sustainable BusinessSymmetry Sustainable Business Management Intiative

As part of our involvement in the MACROC Symmetry Sustainable Business (SSB) program, JEMPP will be developing an Environmental Sustainability Management plan over the next 6-12 months, analysing all areas of our business and creating a set of goals, benchmarks and courses of action to ensure that our business is environmentally sustainable. Our long-term goal is to ensure all our business practices are environmentally sustainable and responsible, in line with ISO 14001.

In order to become members, JEMPP completed the following:

  1. Complete a business sustainability assessment focusing on:
    • site management
    • water and wastewater management
    • energy efficiency
    • solid waste management
    • air and noise pollution
    • managing environmental impact
    • work practice
    • business strategy
    • local community
    • safety and emergency response planning

  2. Develop and implement a complete sustainability management plan (SMP)

JEM Promotional Products have also supported Environmental Organisations and Events through the donation of Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products. To read more follow the links below:

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