Good Events Promotional Products

Good Events Promotional Products

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What constitutes a good promotional product for your event?

What is an Events Promotional Product or better yet what constitutes a good Events Promotional Product?

This is a question that every good Event Manager should be asking well before they finalise the details of their Client's big event. As a distributor of promotional products it is a question I also ask myself when I too am at big event. I, naturally take a great interest, in looking closely at anything I am given at any major event. Lets face it we distributors LOVE promotional products. Having said that, some products are definitely better than others or at least better suited or perceived to be of higher value even to myself.

Now, back to that question I posed at the start of my article, as far as I am concerned many things may be used as an Events Promotional Product but they may not be an Events Promotional Products in the true sense. A promotional product of any sort must be branded or personalised with a logo for it to be considered a promotional product otherwise it is just a product. The Events Promotional Product to be a good one it must reflect the event by at least displaying the logo of the company who is holding the event and even further identification of the actual event with the name and date when held. Here is what everyone needs to keep in mind when selecting a promotional product for an event:

  1. The product must have a high perceived value
  2. The product must include reference to the specific day - this can be achieved by printing dates on the item etc.
  3. Be eye catching and recognisable so that visitors can associate that particular product with the event
  4. Be cost effective, with out losing marketing effectiveness, if you are wanting to create a large amount of products
  5. Practical items create a positive emotional impact on visitors

I sometimes ask myself why are people so happy to receive a gift (sometimes a cheap one at that) and the only thing I can only come up with is that it is the child in everyone of us. It takes you back to childhood and special events like Christmas and Birthdays they were remembered for the gifts you received.

The funny thing is that even the very rich are not beyond sharing in this feeling of happiness when gifts are given at big events. This is definitely the case at events such as The Oscars where gift baskets are handed out to the ‘stars' as they participate in handing out awards. Mind you the gift baskets are brimming with very expensive gifts such as Rolex Watches and other very expensive products.

Okay so maybe your budget does not allow you to suggest Rolex watches but you could suggest a personilised Citizen Watch displaying your client's logo or even something much cheaper that may be in keeping with the event. Many inexpensive items such as Glassware can be included as a gift with branding that will continue to reminder the user of the event for years to come.

My own daughter used champagne flutes as bombanire at her wedding and we still the look at the flutes fondly when we see them in the cupboard. She and her then fiancé though it would be fun to design a new family ‘crest' and had them printed in gold on the flutes. It was inexpensive and everyone loved them. We got to toast the bride and groom and then everyone took their flutes home!

Fundamentally, a good Events Promotional Product should aim do the following:

Assist in achieving the events goals and objectives
- Brand association and recognition with the event, helping to assist in attracting major sponsors
- They can work as a "keep sake" and assist in visitors contacting the sponsors, etc. after the event
- Create word of mouth after the event, and repeat exposure of the brands featured at the event
- Brand exposure with visitors using the products given to them after the event

So here is my advice to you, make sure you think about the event and who will be attending and make sure that you give yourself a bit of time to contact someone such as myself and it will pay off. Your event will be remembered for its uniqueness and success for years to come!

Written by Maria Cabral, Director, JEM Promotional Products.

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