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Featured Product: Custom Printed Balloons



Customised Printed Balloons are possibly one of the most inexpensive promotional products; that is also potentially the most effective but often overlooked when promotional material is being considered.  

There is no denying that Custom Printed Balloons have been around for a long time so maybe some people have stopped considering this product, simply because the humble balloon may be seen a little ‘old hat'. However, let's not become so concerned with looking for the ultimate new and original promotional product that we overlook the great benefits associated with products that work such as Custom Printed Balloons.  

With a variety of colours and sizes your artwork can be seen in a variety of places including Shopping Centres, Festivals, Conferences and Special Events. If Balloons are around you can count on children asking their parents to stop to ask for a balloon from your booth or stand, providing you with an opportunity to chat to their parents- your potential clients!  

As far as thinking balloons are not trendy, even though it is certainly not true when you look at today's modern styles. The humble balloon has certainly come a long way - that's for sure! The new balloons are not limited by lack of variety, with the following categories available, ensuring a perfect balloon for your event, is available for custom printing with your logo and artwork.  



Some of the biggest balloon users in the world such as McDonalds see the great value in using this great promotional product and it is rare not to see Custom Printed Balloons at their restaurants and special events. Printed balloons draw attention to logos so there is no better way to get your name and brand ‘out there'.

Custom Printed Balloons are actually one of the quickest turn-around products, as far as production goes, with very little fuss involved. Balloon accessories including clips & ribbons (bundled in cut lengths), cups & sticks, and balloon weights also make the balloon even more practical. And if you are thinking “but what about the gas?" even that can be delivered wherever you require it! It couldn't be simpler.

So for your next event, don't forget the humble but modern balloon that can potentially be the highlight and memorable part of your event, when branded with your artwork and logo. Have plenty around to make sure everyone who attends is ‘exposed' to your brand and logo as much as is possible. The great thing is that the balloon is a fun product that brings out the child in all of us so all your guests or clients are certain to be put in the right mood and therefore enjoy the event all the more. So that is surely the mark of a successful event!     





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IInflatable handsnflatables can be of various types from the usual beach balls to specifically designed shapes that can be the eye-catching product for your product launch or event. Your product can be recreated in and inflatable shape that be filled with helium and floated for extra attention.

Balloons are probably the least expensive promotional product available in our industry.
With a variety of colours and sizes you artwork can be seen in a variety of places including shopping centres. Children will ask their parents to stop and get a balloon from your booth providing you with an opportunity to chat to their parents- your potential clients!
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