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School Uniformshave over the last few years taken quite a few leaps forward as far as styleand trends go - you can even say that some items have actually become fashionforward in appearance. We think this is definitely the case with our Custom Made Graduation Hoodies.

Let's face it,the old style football jerseys were pretty cool for a while but they have nowbeen superseded by more modern styles that reflect today's trends, such ascustomised Hoodies. So how do we make sure our Hoodies stand out from the rest?The secret is simple- it's all in the detail.

We have madesure that our customisation methods reflect similar styles currently availablethrough retail outlets so your weekend fashions won't be too different fromyour school uniform.

One of theoptions is that if you have creative people in your school they may wish tosubmit designs that we can incorporate into the end product. However, if youprefer to leave it to our Graphic Designer then we will come up with suggestionsin the form of mock ups enabling a preview of the final product.

At JEMPromotional Products we have applied our knowledge of product sourcing andmanufacturing, that is normally more at home in the corporate world, to come upwith new techniques that really make Hoodies the latest graduation 'must have'items. Some of the screen-printing methods available through sourcing directfrom overseas suppliers are by far superior to what can be achieved whenbranding is done locally. Some of the areas on the Hoodie that can bescreen-printed are:
  • Text Printing Inside Hood
  • Printing over zippered areas
  • Printing on sleeves
  • Printing on back of Hood
  • Repetitive print on garment
  • Personalised name
  • Choice of where to put coloured panels and striping
Watch this video to see an example of a Custom Made Graduation Hoodie we designed:

The greatbenefit is that your Hoodies will be unique and will stand out for all theright reasons. There is no chance you will have two schools with the samedesigns as each design will be specifically using your school's colours, logosand specific branding requirements.

Our Hoodiesare so cool that we think everyone will want to wear them for years to comewell after graduation so they are certain to be a big hit. So why not becomethe envy of other schools in your area by making sure your Graduation gifts arethe coolest in the neighbourhood.

(Courtesy of JEM Promotional Products ©2009)

Ifyou have any questions relating to Graduation Hoodies, orneed assistance in choosing School Graduation products, please don't hesitatein contacting us.

JEM Promotional Products
Phone: (02) 8205 1334

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Year 12 Hoodies as part of your School Uniform! If you are looking for a unique Year 12 Jersey Idea or Design you should check out our Custom Made Exodus Hoodies.

From your School to the Street our Exodus Custom Designed School Hoodies are fashion forward hoodies that can be customised to your School  Colours. We can custom design a hoodie for you or your students can submit designs instead, making Exodus Hoodies the must have product for School Leavers!

Just ask our consultants for more information on our Exodus Hoodies and they will be happy to assist you on creating a customised graduation hoodie for your school.
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