Fair Trade Products empowering farmers

Fair Trade Promotional Products Empowering Farmers

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Fair Trade Products empowering farmers


This may be a hard one to tackle but we can all make a start in getting a bit closer to that illusive goal of Fairtrading. Use your demand to empower people and forge lasting change. Choosing Fair Trade gives small-scale farmers the power to improve their livelihoods. Two-thirds of the world's cotton is produced in developing countries by small-scale farmers. Fairtrade Certification ensures they get fair and stable prices, and have the power to improve their livelihoods. It's cotton with a conscience.

Fairtrade labelling is based on a set of international standards guaranteeing producers in developing countries a fair and stable price, regardless of global market fluctuations. We at JEM Promotional Products are proud to have made a start by including a range that consists of Fairtrade Labelling Australia and New Zealand, for the 3Fish promotional products range of Fairtrade certified cotton garments, bags and headwear which can all be custom-made to your requirements.

Fairtrade Certified cotton brings many social and environmental benefits to the farmers involved in its cultivation including increased income, community development, organisation of co-ops, responsible and mostly organic farming, prohibition of genetically modified cotton seed and crop diversification.

Each of the Fair Trade certified supply partners must undergo a rigorous independent evaluation to guarantee their Fair Trade Certification.  

Follow this link to look at our 3 Fish catalogue which has Fair Trade Products.

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