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  • Tamworth Country Music Festival 18-27 of January 2019

    18 January, 2019

    All roads lead to Tamworth in January for the Tamworth Country Music Festival (TCMF).

    The variety of country music is showcased during the festival with over 2,200 events and 4,000 different performances or gigs in 80 different venues.


    There are over 600 buskers in Peel Street alone, providing a diverse range of entertainment each day – it is no wonder we attract over 55,000 visitors.

    With that many festival-goers, we highly recommend that you book your accommodation early.

    The pinnacle event of the festival is the CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia, when the who’s who of Australian country music gathers with country music fans to see who will win the famous Golden Guitar Awards. The Awards are held on the second Saturday of the festival at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre.

    Tamworth Regional Council is a key festival organiser by contributing major infrastructure for the annual celebrations and works with various stakeholders to bring together the festival. Scores of industry and city partners play a huge role in presenting the festival line up each year.


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