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  • Business Clean Up Day

    26 March, 2019

    Business Clean Up is designed for Australian businesses as a great opportunity to help improve the quality of the environment and work towards reducing waste - as well as being a great team building exercise.

    The 2009 event saw 400 businesses get involved; they demonstrated that taking environmental action also makes business sense.

    Businesses can register a site to Clean Up and get their staff into the great Australia outdoors to pick up rubbish and improve the local environment, or further support the work of Clean Up Australia by becoming a Business Supporter

    Contact the organisers of Business Clean Up Day for more information regarding this event.


  • St Patrick's Day

    31 March, 2019

    Sydney turns green from the 14th to the 18th - of March 2019 for Sydney St Patrick's Day FestivitiesIn Australia, St Patrick's Day celebrations have taken place on 17 March since 1810, when the then Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, declared the date an official day of celebration for the Irish and those of Irish heritage. 

    What do people do?

    Many Australians come together on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate Irish culture and remember St Patrick’s life and achievements. Some businesses and organizations hold St Patrick’s Day breakfasts and lunches where lucky door prizes are given and Irish food and drinks are served. Many pubs, particularly Irish pubs, hold St Patrick’s Day parties in the evenings, where local bands play Irish music and green drinks are served.

    St Patrick Day parades are held in cities such as Sydney and Brisbane. These parades feature people clad in traditional Irish costumes or dressed in green, as well and floats displaying the Irish flag. Some people dress as leprechauns while others wear green wigs. Many Irish associations and historical societies hold events that give people the chance to learn about the history of Irish immigration and settlement in Australia.

    Public life

    St Patrick’s Day is not a public holiday in Australia but it is a popular event so many restaurants and pubs, particularly those with an Irish theme, are busy on the day. Parking and traffic may be temporarily affected by St Patrick’s Day parades, particularly along the main streets in some cities and towns.


    Many Australians remember the Irish settlement and culture on St Patrick’s Day. The Irish were among the first Europeans to settle in Australia. They comprised a portion of the convict settlement population in the late 1700s. More than 300,000 other Irish settlers (not convicts) migrated to Australia between 1840 and 1914. Many Irish immigrants came to Australia to escape famine in their homeland. About 30 percent of Australians are believed to have some Irish ancestry today.

    One way of preserving Irish traditions and customs in Australia is celebrating St Patrick’s Day each year. St Patrick is one of Ireland’s patron saints. He died on March 17 in or around the year 493. He worked as a missionary in Ireland and it is believed that he banished “snakes” from the country although the term may have referred to druids or pagan worshippers.


    Many people wear the color green on St Patrick’s Day. They may also wear a symbol of Ireland, such as a brooch in the shape of a four-leaf clover or a harp. Images of leprechauns or a pot of gold are seen in promotional material for St Patrick’s Day. The Irish flag and balloons in flag’s colors (green, white and orange) are also visible during events, activities and in promotions on the day.

    For More information on the latest news on the parade and the events log on to:

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  • Mother's Day Classic

    12 May, 2019

    Event history

    The vast majority of the people who help to put together the Mother's Day Classic are volunteers. They give their time each year as a way of actively contributing to the fight against breast cancer.

    This initiative was inspired by the knowledge that research is gradually improving the survival rate of the one in nine women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their life.

    Improving the quality of life of those with breast cancer is a valuable and rewarding investment into our community.

    Where does the money raised go?

    All proceeds from the Mother's Day Classic are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation , a not for profit organisation that promotes and supports research into breast cancer prevention and treatment.

    This money has enabled four major research scholarships to be undertaken. If you would like to make a donation please click here for more details.

    How can I be involved?

    You can take part by entering the Mother's Day Classic walk or run in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney (the Domain and Parramatta Park) Perth or in the numerous regional areas across Australia. Alternatively you can help out by volunteering at one of the events around the country. The Mother's Day Classic is a fun day for everyone involved with food, activities and kids entertainment available.

    You can enter as an individual, family or part of a team and be on the front line in the fight against breast cancer..

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