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Product Decoration Guide: Embroidery

Laser Engraving


  • Embroidery is a process that utilises automated industrial embroidery machines to apply digitised logos to many different forms of textile / apparel products.
  • Designs can be created from High quality Jpeg image although EPS files are preferred
  • Embroidery generally exceeds the life of the product being embroidered

Adds high perceived value to products.

  • It creates A 3 dimensional effect
  • Small orders can be catered for at minimal costs

No set up fee applies for repeat orders, unless changes are requested

  • Large logos can be expensive due to the time and stitch count
  • Using polyester threads, total colourfastness can be achieved.

Many items can be done at once, e.g. caps, towels, bags and jackets to minimise costs.

Most common embroidered products:
Embroidery is the ideal decoration process for apparel.
Also bags, towels, caps.
Generally, any form of textile product that is of a woven or knitted structure.

The Art of Embroidery

This was once considered a mysterious form of decoration that was only used on exclusive ladies fashion garments and sports uniforms, it was slow to do an quite expensive and the lead time was up to 4 weeks.

How times have changed

Today embroidery is used on all forms of clothing, fashion, sports and promotional.
It is produced on high speed computerised multi colour machines, prices have reduced by half compared to a few years ago and lead times are now only days not weeks.

Limitations and Guidelines

The worlds of embroidery has its limitations and it is important that you can relay this to your customers.

Here are the main points.

1/Lettering - Caps min height should be 5mm
Polo shirts min hight should be 4mm

2/Logo size - Caps - Front 5.8cmH x 11cm W
Caps - Back 3.0cm H x 9cm W
Polos - Pocket Area - Mens 6cm H x 10cm W
Polos - Pocket Area - Ladies 5cm H x 8cm W
Jackets - front as per polos
Fleecy - front as per polos

Back of shirts, Jackets, Fleecy max width 28cm
Bags - Each style needs to be confirmed.

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