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The Benefits of using Custom Printed Post-It® & STiKKi Notes

3M Post-It® Notes, or Australian-made STiKKi Notes are a very popular promotional product. They are highly flexible and customisable, and a practical item that will help to communicate your brand's message.

custom printed post-it note padsWhy use 3M Post-It® Notes?

          1. A Post-It® Note manufactured by the global 3M brand brings with it a level of quality and innovation.
          2. Customising a 3M Post-It® Note with your brand or advertising message, brings with it additional value through brand association.
          3. 3M have spent millions of dollars researching the perfect adhesive glue for there sticky notes that stick well to variety of surfaces, and are easily removed. Their paper surfaces are also designed to be easy to write on with all types of pens and markers.

Sticky Notes are Customisable

Post-It® Notes and other brands of adhesive sticky notes have a large amount of flexibility, allowing for your creative and innovative ideas to personalise a sticky note that extends upon your brand, through themed, or totally custom designs.

There are a wide variety of options for sticky notes:

    1. 1 to 4 colour (Full Digital Print) Designs
    2. Various pad sizes and sheet counts
    3. Die-Cut Shapes
    4. Covers, Organisers and other unique packaging
    5. Side-Printed Cubes
    6. Alternating or Multi-Message designs

When deciding on your brand of sticky/adhesive note pads, Post-It® Notes and STiKKi notes are the highest quality available on the market, and will provide a positive representation for your brand.

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Post-it® Note Pads come in over 30 colours and 8 palettes. So express yourself in color. We're sure you will find the perfect colour for all your communication needs

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