Comparison of Stock Products vs. Custom Made Products

Custom Made Products Vs. Stock Promotional Products

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Custom Made versus Stock Products

Why customise merchandise overseas?
  • Stand out from your competition - with customising you create merchandise unique to your organisation.
  • Save money - by manufacturing a custom order in overseas based factories you will achieve economies of scale, low production costs and avoid warehousing overheads
What can I customise?
Custom Made Baseball Cap
Almostanything. From a polo shirt in your corporate colours decorated in a dynamicway - to a backpack with custom zippers and pockets. From a stress item shapedlike your mascot - to a custom shaped 3D key ring to multiple custom items andprint material packaged in a blister pack. If it can bemanufactured, we can customise it for you. JEM have a network of contacts ableto communicate in the local language with literally hundreds of factories inChina, the US and the developing world.

Popular Categoriesinclude:

We also sort our custom productsinto 3 product categories that you can browse through:
  • Australian Custom Made: Products that are fully custom made from scratch in Australia
  • Express Customised:One example we have of this is with Legend Express. Legend Express is a service that allows you to pick from over 150 styles of caps and then customise the cap to the colours you want from the extensive colour range available. The best features of this service is that you only need a minimum order quantity of 100 and you will receive your goods in approximately 3 weeks from digital photo approval.
    • Think of it as being similar to Paint by Numbers...we will give you the Colour Palette and let you know where the colours can be changed.
  • Fully Custom made: These products are fully custom made to your specifications. They are produced off-shore and normally take 12-14 weeks.
Custom Made jacket FeaturesDecoration OptionsWhen producing something direct from the factoryyou have access to a lot more decoration options including:
  • Standard Embroidery & 3D Embroidery - thread is still matched to PMS Colours
  • Screen Printing - including tone on tone prints
  • Process Prints - the ability to print in full colour with gradients
  • Rubber Badges
  • Metal Badges
  • Embossing
  • Heat Welding
  • Rubber and Metal Zip Pullers
  • Heat Prints
  • Woven Labels & Tags
  • Printed Labels
Not only areyou able to use different methods to decorate your item but the branding area itselfis much larger when you produce off-shore. When the product arrives inAustralia it has already been sewn together and so it can be quite difficult tobe able to have a screen put on the fabric so we can screen print it or accesscertain panels in order to embroider. When we manufacture off-shore we actuallydo all the branding before the item is put together. Because the fabric is flatthere is no limitation on where we can and can't print.

Are there minimum order quantities?
Yes. Theminimum order quantity varies according to the product - ranging from 100 for acustom cap to many thousands for temporary tattoos or plastic pens. The natureof a custom order is that our chosen offshore factory has a production run foryour product - meaning that extremely small runs are uneconomic. If yourequire only a few items, we may be able to offer local decoration of a productwarehoused in Australia. Please look through our website to see what other products may be available.

How long does it take?With someproducts such as lanyards, caps or USBs that are broadly generic you willreceive your product within 4-5 weeks of placing your order.If there isa high level of customisation or if it is a large item the production run couldbe longer and we would use sea freight to ship the goods to Australia. In thisinstance you should allow 12-14 weeks production. Airfreighting the goods intoAustralia at additional cost will bring down production time frame to 6-7weeks.For NewZealand customers we can arrange to have your order sent straight from China toyour doorstep which means your lead time is not longer plus you are not hit upwith a freight charge from Australia to New Zealand.

Will I receive an art approval or preproduction sample?

You willalways receive an art approval prior to production. For items such as temporarytattoos, lanyards or an item where you have previously seen a sample such as apen or USB without extra customisation this is sufficient.In everyother instance our offshore factory will produce a preproduction sample for youto inspect prior to full production. Only once you are happy with the qualityof the preproduction sample will we authorise full scale production.

Beach Ball Custom vs Stock Comparison

Summary: by producing off-shore you get to pick the coloursyou want, have a larger branding area with the option of printing more than 1colour and the price is actually cheaper if you are able to wait the two extraweeks. It pays to be organised and get your order in early!

Case Study: InflatableRugby Hats

JEM Promotional Products were approached with a brief froman RTD Alcohol brand who was launching into the Australian market in the winterof 2007.

They were launching during the Rugby World Cup and they wanted a promotionalproduct that would be a talking point, aimed a gaining publicity and generatingword of mouth advertising for the brand.

A range of innovative ideas were proposed but the 'inflatable rugby ball hat'was the chosen product concept. Accurate pricing was provided within 3 hours ofthe brief and go-ahead on the project was given immediately. This began whatwould become one of the toughest lead-times JEMPP has ever had to meet,particularly for such a heavily customised product that was developed from asketch concept.

Inflatable promotional products from concept stage through to delivery take onaverage 14-16 weeks to produce and deliver, but in this instance the entireorder of 9,000 inflatable hats was produce and delivered within 4 1/2 weeks ofthe initial enquiry. The goods were delivered in full on the promised deliverydate and the client was impressed and 100% satisfied with the product and theservice. Supplier liaison and client communication was critical in making thisdeadline possible and ultimately a successful marketing brand.

Alcohol BottleInflatable Rugby Hat Design SketchCustom Made InflatableBase of inflatable rugby hatPlain Rugby Ball Hat

Inflatable Rugby Ball Hat Inflatable Rugby Ball Hat Custom MadeWearing Inflatable HatCustom Made Inflatable Rugby Ball Hat

How do I brief JEM Promotional Products on a custom order?Send us an email and we will talk you throughit.If you havea sample of the product you have in mind, a jpeg image from the Internet oreven a written description, we can have a quote to you within 48 hours or if itis very obscure 72 hours.

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If you have any questions relating topromotional products, or need assistance in choosing corporate gifts,please don't hesitate in contacting us.

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