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Custom Made Keyrings

Small, inexpensive and easyto distribute, keyrings remind the recipient of your brand - every time theyuse their keys. With minimum orderquantities as low as 100 units we can produce a custom key ring in the shape ofyour logo in our Chinese-based factory factory 5-6 weeks from the point that you place your order.

Types of keyring

Flat metal keyrings can beeither colour filled in your PMS colours or printed in full colour beneath an epoxy dome.
custom keyring, flat metal keyringfull colour keyring, custom keyring, promotional products

PVC key rings are flexibleand light weight and colourful.
PVC Keyring, custom keyring, promotional productsPVC keyring, Keyring, Motorbike, motorbike keyring
Metal key rings can be diecast to be raised or fully 3-dimensional.
Metal kering, custom keyrings, promotional products metal keyring, 3D keyring, custom keyring, promotional products
Please email JEM promotional to request a quote for the custom keyring you would like us to create foryou next promotion.Click here to send email

We also have an extensive range of keyring designs as part of our stock products:

Bottle Opener Key-ringKeyrings can look and serve very different purposes such as Bottle Opener Keyrings, Torch Keyrings and Fully Customised Keyrings which look great when laser engraved with company logos. Keyrings are often inexpensive  promotional items which can be customised to specific requirements making for an ideal promotional product. At JEM Promotional Products we are able to assist with design of customised promotional keyrings that best reflect your company's image and brand. Customised Keyrings can be 2D or even 3D so the options are endless.

After a custom keyring design? View our custom keyrings ideas

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