Creativity where it counts. Are you getting the most of your promotional company?

Creativity Where It Counts. Are You Getting The Most Of Your Promotional Company?

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Creativity where it counts. Are you getting the most of your promotional company?

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JEM Promotional Products have been proud members of APPA since 2001
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Knowing the best products to illicit a response from your promotions is what the professional promotional products companies thrive on. The following case study is a simple of example of how;

A car dealership marketing department called a promotional product professional (and APPA member) and wanted to buy key rings.

"What are they for?" asked the promotional company. "Why would you need to know that?" responder the client. "I'm interested in what you want to achieve" replied the promotional product provider.

"Well, we want to give a car away and invite people to test drive the newly released vehicle. We normally send out key rings with a letter inviting them to come in for a test drive. We normally get a pretty good response."

The promotional product professional wanted to suggest a better idea. "I can give you a quote on key rings, that's simple. But I can also give you a quote on something far more interesting and it will elicit a guaranteed better response, are you interested in that idea?"

"Sure" said the marketer, "But we've always done key rings and gotten at least a 2% return, which we have been happy with".

"Give me a few hours and I will come back to you" said the promotions company. In the meantime, the car company got a few other quotes on key rings but decided to wait for the "big idea". It intrigued and impressed the marketer that the promotions company seems genuinely concerned about the results they were getting. Could something different give a better response?

An hour later the promotional company called back. "Here is what we propose. For the same cost of your key rings we can produce actual car keys with your logo to be sent out to your mailing list. The accompanying letter will clearly state that one of the keys sent out will actually start the car you are planning on giving away. In order to try and start this free car, you must first take a test drive."

The marketer was stunned. "That's so simple, but yet why didn't we think of that?" The promotional professional gently responded. "We deal with creatively using products to illicit the best response all day, it's our specialty and our job is to make your job easier"

The promotion went ahead as suggested by the promotional company and that year the response rate was 17%. This equated to an immediate increase in the sales projections for the new car at that dealership.

Whether you are a large corporate or a small business, promotional products, effectively implemented, can effect your bottom line and cost you less than conventional advertising.

Promotional products last longer than most forms of advertising and usually charge far less than ad agencies for the creative process. In fact, ad agencies make up a large part of the business brought to the promotional products companies around Australia. Shouldn't you go straight to the source?

Article written by William Kestin - APPA CEO - Copyright © 2006- All rights reserved

(Courtesy of JEM Promotional Products ©2007)

If you have any questions relating to promotional products,, please don't hesitate in contacting us. JEM Promotional Products
Phone: (02) 8205 1334

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