Colours : What do they represent?

Colours : What Do They Represent?

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Colours: What do they represent?

It's always important to know what emotions and meanings colours emit and represent; particularly when choosing colours for your brand style guides, and for advertising materials. Promotional Products can also represent various feelings and strike certain emotions in those who receive them, so It's important you know what each colour reprsents. Here's our list we've put together:


Printed Aerobic Ladies Fitted TopEmbossed Red Leather Coda Key-ringBranded Red Gumball MachinePrinted Large Red Cooler Bag

Positive: Sense of power, strength, action, passion, sexuality

Negative: Anger, forcefulness, impulsiveness, impatience, intimidation, conquest, violence and revenge

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Branded Jumbo Yellow Promotional HighlighterFluro Yellow Reflective Polo ShirtLight Bulb Safety BlinkerPrinted Yellow Stress Lightbulb

Positive: Caution, brightness, intelligence, joy, organization, Spring time

Negative: Criticism, laziness, or cynicism

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Printed Blue Notepad and PenBlue Water Drop Savings Money BankPrinted Thermal Travel Mug BlueBlue transparent first aid kit for home

Tranquility, love, acceptance, patience, understanding, cooperation, comfort, loyalty and security

Negative: Fear, coldness, passivity and depression

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Orange Embroidered Bucket HatTrendy Orange Shopping Tote BagOrange Basketball Stress ItemOrange Pen

Positive: Steadfastness, courage, confidence, friendliness, and cheerfulness, warmth, excitement and energy

Negative: Ignorance, inferiority, sluggishness and superiority

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Frosted Purple PenPurple Lens CleanerPurple American Apparel T-shirtPurple terry velour towel

Positive: Royalty, sophistication, religion

Negative: Bruised or foreboding

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American Apparel Green BlanketGreen HarmonicaGreen Spearmint LolliesGreen Picnic Blanket

Positive: Money, health, food, nature, hope, growth, freshness, soothing, sharing, and responsiveness

Negative: Envy, greed, constriction, guilt, jealousy and disorder

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Black Gel Mouse PadBlack Ceramic MugBlack CD HolderBlack Deluxe Leather Wine Tote

Positive: Dramatic, classy, committed, serious

Negative: Evil, death, ignorance, coldness

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White Paper MillWhite Embroidered Golfer CapWhite Sunscreen customised labelWhite Drink Bottle

Positive: Pure, fresh, easy, cleanliness or goodness

Negative: Blind, winter, cold, distant

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Reference: Oak Web Works, LLC

(Courtesy of JEM Promotional Products ©2008)

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