Christmas Gifts & Decorations - Guide to Christmas Corporate Gifts

Christmas Gifts & Decorations

Guide to Christmas Corporate Gifts

We can brand your company logo onto any of our products as well as personalise many with your Client's or Employee's name!

Christmas is gift giving time for many businesses and choosing Christmas Corporate gifts whether they are for your staff or customers can often be difficult. To make this process easier for you we have put together a brief to help make your gift choice easier this Christmas. One important thing to remember is that at JEM Promotional Products we can provide you with the gift as well as coordinate the branding of your logo onto the product.

Logo Christmas Balls

Unique Christmas Gifts & Decorations

Looking for something unique? Why not personalise a Christmas Ball with your Company logo and give them out as Staff & Client Christmas Gifts! Your Gift is sure to stand out on the Christmas Tree and will be kept for many years to come.

We also have a whole range of stock Christmas Gifts & Decorations available.

Christmas Gifts & Decorations

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Christmas Confectionery

Christmas Tree Candy Lollipop personalised Christmas Rock Candy

Are you looking for something sweet to give your clients for Christmas? Confectionery is one of the most popular products at Christmas time. Whether it is for a Client or Staff Christmas Gift Confectionery will please most people. We have standard Christmas Confectionery items such as Candy Canes but we can also do intricate products such as Christmas Rock Candy, Christmas Tree Candy Lollipops and Chocolate Christmas Trees.

The majority of our Christmas Confectionery products come packaged and we can produce and apply a full colour sticker with your company logo and Christmas message.

Chocolate Christmas Tree Christmas Chocolates Box Christmas Candy Canes

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Christmas Card Alternatives

Christmas Slider Card Christmas Cards don't always have to follow the typical paper card format. A lot of times your client will end up just recycling your card and so it is difficult to justify the expenditure.

If you definitely want to do a card why not customise it to a more appropriate design. Taking the Australian climate into consideration, it is a bit odd to send Christmas Cards depicting snowy scenes when we more than likely will be experiencing very hot weather at that time of the year. Break away from the standard by choosing Australian scenes of warm, sandy beaches and show the world how we celebrate Christmas 'down under'. They can be useful too if you decide to use sunscreen as your Christmas Cards. Promote sensible sun protection at the same time as wishing your clients a Merry Christmas.

Many standard Christmas Cards will just get recycled in the new year but if you give an unusual product as an alternative to your Christmas Card the chance o your client keeping it longer is improved. The Slider Card is a very popular Christmas Card alternative. The Slider Card has a unique sliding mechanism that enables a second image to become visible on the front. Same standard size postcard with double the impact. View more Christmas Card Alternatives.

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Reusable Gift Bags

Unfortunately at Christmas time there can be a lot of wastage especially with wrapping paper. While we do offer custom designed wrapping papers in our range we try and encourage our clients as much as possible to invest in reusable gifts bags. Below are just three of the options we have available.

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Travel Related Gifts

Travel Related Christmas Gifts are often very popular because they can be used straight away as we near the holiday season. Not only can they be used at Christmas time while on holidays with family and friends but also throughout the year when traveling on business trips.

View more Travel related products.

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Personal Gifts

Personal Business Gifts

Personal business gifts work really well especially when you have a close relationship with your clients. Be careful though, you don't want to give a gift that could offend. Some gifts can often have two meanings. Eg: shaving kit. Your client could either be grateful for giving him a practical gift, or offended because you have given him the impression that he isn't well groomed.

Gift Ideas:

Christmas 2008 Corporate Gift Guide

Gender-Specific Gifts

Corporate Gift for Men

Gender-specific corporate gifts are generally easy to pick. Gifts that have a practical application such as a multi-tool make great business gifts for men. For ladies, manicure sets and travel-related products make for practical gifts.

Female Corporate Staff Christmas Gift

Male Gift Ideas:

Female Gift Ideas:

Executive Staff & Client gifts guide Christmas 2008

Work-related Gifts

Corporate Gift for Men Work-related business gifts are great. Your clients will truly appreciate them, especially if it helps make their job easier. To help a work-related gift become a hit, focus on its practical use and ensure it will be something your client will use. And remember, the more often your client uses the gift, the more your company logo will be in front of them.

Gift Ideas:

Executive Staff & Client gifts guide Christmas 2008

For the CEO?

Custom Golf Bag Corporate Gift

What do you give to the CEO who has everything...a Custom Made Golf Bag to their specifications of course.

The Golf Bag is customised to your specifications including the colour you want each part of the bag to be. There are a range of standard designsy ou will be able to use as a base and customise from there. The branding options are extensive including personalised embroidered names and company logos.

From start to finish you can have your made to order golf bag within 2 months. This product is great for CEO's or Business Executives who are keen golfers.

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Summer Gifts

Corporate Gift for Men

It's bound to be a blistering Summer again here in Australia, and your clients will more than likely be out and about - picnicking and basking in the sun at the beach. This is a perfect opportunity for you to provide a gift which will make their relaxation time more enjoyable - they'll thank you for it!

Gift Ideas:

Christmas 2008 Corporate Gift Guide

Thank You gifts

Wine Bottle - Thank You Gift

You might consider giving your client a thank you gift this Christmas, with an attached message thanking them for their business for the year. Thank you gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your client's business.

Gift Ideas:

Executive Staff & Client gifts guide Christmas 2008

Novelty Gifts

Printed Coffee Mug

If your clients are the fun and outgoing type, they would love a novelty corporate gift for Christmas. Novelty gifts are something they can play with, laugh at, or a clever promotional item that can become quite a talking point in an office environment. Let's face the more attention attracted by a novelty product, the more your logo will be clearly seen by the people who need to see it!

Gift Ideas:

Executive Staff & Client gifts guide Christmas 2008

Personalised Gifts

Personalised staff christmas gifts

Would you like your Staff Gifts to be personalised with your Employee's individual name. We have a wide range of personalisation options available including embroidery, engraving and embossing.

Read about all the Individual Name Personalisation options we have available for Staff Gifts.

These are just a few Christmas corporate gift ideas we have provided for you, if you would like more specialized advice, or other alternatives for Christmas gifts to meet your specific campaign needs please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Christmas ProductsChristmas Gifts & Decorations are ideal to be used as decorations at Corporate Christmas Parties during the festive season. Also a lovely addition to any corporate gift, enhancing the overall Christmas message and good wishes. Christmas decorations can also be customised to suit Corporate Events and can play a large part in setting the theme of the festivities. Charities can also benefit from utilising Christmas themed gifts as a way to raise funds or sponsorships for particular causes and needs. Logos and artwork can be imprinted so brand exposure can be enhanced through positive image building in the form of Christmas Gifts and Decorations. Corporate Christmas Trees can look festive but still promote important brands and sponsors through the usage of Branded Baubles and Christmas Decorations.

Christmas Corporate Gifts
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