Choosing your Companys Winter Uniform

Choosing Your Companys Winter Uniform

Choosing your Company's Corporate Winter Uniform

So it's that time of year again. You've thrown the extra blanket on your bed, and brought out your ugg boots. That's right, it's winter time! Companies often leave purchasing of their staff's winter uniforms far too late, with staff ending up wearing their own winter attire, not matched with other employees, and most of the time, not matching in with your company's colours.
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How does this affect you? For the colder months of the year, your staff may look unprofessional and you lose the association clients usually have with your uniforms because they are covered up with your staff's own winter jackets and coats. This unfortunately has a negative impact on your company's image. As we all know it's important to have a professional looking uniform, for staff to wear and look their best no matter what the weather is like. The old saying of 'first impressions' being very important, definitely applies to staff uniforms. We all need to make a good impression when we meet new clients, so your staff has to look their best all year round.

It is important, before making any decision to purchase a winter uniform, that your staff feel happy and comfortable wearing it. We recommend that you request a sample of one of our jackets or polar fleeces, or any of our apparel in our winter collections, so that your staff are involved in selecting what suits their particular work tasks. The correct thickness of fabric and type of fabric can make all the difference to everyday day comfort. The other important consideration when selecting a winter uniform is to provide your staff with more than one option as far as their choice of warmer clothing available as part of their uniform.

For inside your company's office, a long sleeve shirt is often comfortable for most staff that work in an air-conditioned office. A polar-fleece vest is usually all they would consider wearing over their shirt or possibly a cardigan for some ladies working in an office environment. However, it still looks great to have your staff leave your premises with their outdoor jackets and coats. Don't forget that a large amount of the exposure to potential clients by your staff is after hours. As your staff go about their normal after hours activities on their way home, they continue to promote your company in their branded clothing.

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