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Cheap Promotional Products

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Cheap Promotional Products

Having spent so long in this industry crusading against the grotesque misconception that promotional products are all on a swift journey from consumer to land fill, I have obviously become accustomed to loathing the words "cheap promotional products".  I have never seen the value of placing your logo on a "cheap promotional product" because what does that say about your brand and your company?  It's like getting ready to go out on the town, paying $400 to have your hair styled and then whacking on a lycra get-up from Supre to complete the 'look'.  It just doesn't mesh.

But alas I am finding more and more - particularly in today's infamous "global economic crisis" - the sad truth is that most people really are in need of cheap promotional products.  Lately every request I get for promotional products, even from my most marketing-savvy and brand-aware clients, is a request for a cheap promotional pen, a cheap promotional keyring, or pretty much just a cheap promotional product in general.

Thus, I have sadly succumbed.  I will of course continue my everyday quest for innovation, uniqueness and quality when it comes to sourcing products for new promotional campaigns; but I will now expand my search.  I will now surrender to the dreaded "economic crisis" and will concede that cheap promotional products do actually have their place in the market.

In times like these it's important to get your brand out to the consumer in the least expensive way.  It's kind of like the "which came first, the chicken or the egg" syndrome.  With everyone tightening their budgets the first place to cop the shave is normally the advertising and marketing sector.  But if you don't get your company name and your products exposed, then surely the sales will slow down and the income will be further affected?  So the only answer is to keep on promoting your company or your brand, but to find a clever and less expensive (cheap) way to do so.

So here is my answer.  Cheap mailers, cheap brand reminders, cheap giveaways, cheap gifts.  Basically cheap promotional products in general.  And here's my advice.  Flood the market with these products - get your logo out there, remind people that you are still there.  It takes much less time for people to forget you than it does for them to recall who you are and why they should buy from you.

Stay tuned, I will add a new product each day. Follow this link to our Cheap Promotional Products Page.

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