10 Tips for Exhibitors

10 Tips For Exhibitors

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10 Tips for Exhibitors

Before the Expo

1. Identify your goals
Do you want to increase visibility, gain exposure to a new market, check out the competition, launch a new product or service?

2. Plan to measure and evaluate
Hand out a 1000 brochures, obtain 100 new prospects or meet a key customer.

3. Develop a key message for your booth
All good advertising requires oneclearly communicated message.
Don't get tempted to try and say too much and end up with a cluttered and confused mess.

4. Design an open and inviting booth
Keep the booth open, don't obstruct the opening with tables etc. Use interesting graphics to draw peoples attention and create plenty off "walking around" space.

5. Advertise your participation
Use news releases, newsletters, e-newsletters, mail outs, your website, email inviting your customers to visit.

6. Promotional material
Is your marketing collateral up-todate? Create a powerpoint presentation, consider give-aways or running a competition.

7. Your staff
Decide on a dress code for your staff to make them easily identifiable.
Train your staff to know what to expect and make sure they know the product or service inside out. Encourage a warm and friendly first impression. There's nothing like staff with their backs to the entrance, on the phone or scowling with arms crossed to switch people off.

After the Expo

8. Try to send requested literature within 24 hrs of the Expo.

9. Keep track of your new prospects.

10. Analyse what went well and what didn't so you can improve your performance for next year!

Source: Macarthur Lifestyle & Business Expo 2007 on 3-4th April 2007

(Courtesy of JEM Promotional Products ©2007)

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